About the blog

Hi there, we’re the international students in NDHU (Hualien, Taiwan)

Here’s the tags for searchers – 東華大學, National Dong Hwa University, ndhu, ndhu taiwan, ndhu hualien, ndhu hualian, ndhu shoufeng, ndhu zhixue, 國立東華大學, 東華大學 台灣… (Girls, please ctrl+c, ctrl+v these and put into the tags when you’re uploading a post)

Ok, who are we?

Basically, we’re all studying psychology(bachelor) in the second year.

Victoria –  She’s from Mongolia, so her mother language is Mongolian. I think her Russian is also good. She has a super positive energy. Well, she’ll introduce herself whenever she comes with her first post.

Sofia – from Ecuador, so spanish is her first language. She has a lot to talk about our dear school. Well, Sofy will also introduce herself in her first post.

Alice – Me! I’m from South Korea. I’m the only one who’s living in a dorm among the three of us. These days I’m trying to improve my Chinese.

The blog is for…

When we were looking for some useful information about ndhu, what we found was just ‘how the campus is this huge and beautiful’ by visitors. So for me, it was hard to imagine how the life will be in here.

The first day here, I couldn’t get any food cause by no bike, no idea about where can i find some food, and the near convenient store (Family mart and 7/11 are inside school, of course) was closed at that time. I was in the middle of NDHU. haha, I just want to say the environment here is quite different from anywhere else.

So for the new people or even students who are already here but have some language problem or lack of info problem, we’re going to write about what do we know, what do we think about here. You’ll be able to grab the hints of life in NDHU.

If you have any question, plz put a comment in any post.


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