Happy 10th of Oct ^.^

Yaay it’s my first official post! Happy Holidays!!!

Isn’t everyday of our life special? I think every single day is a challenge and chance to make your life better. But today is more special, it’s DOUBLE 10TH! I’m Victoria and sophomore student at NDHU. I’m majoring in Counseling and Clinical Psychology along with my pretty girls Sofia and Alice. (They are not that pretty, just kidding but I’ll post some photos later *evil laughter*) My Chinese level is 2, meaning I can speak chinese like 7year old kid. Hurraay!, I was like a toddler when I first came. SO DON’T WORRY IF YOU ARE JUST A BEGINNER, WE’RE IN A SAME BOAT!

Dear alien student of NDHU, whoever you might be, I’m greeting you with my utmost respect and hope you will find this humble post helpful to you. So, first things first, let me introduce our beautiful Dong Hwa University and its history briefly.

National Dong Hwa University was founded in July 1994 with the planning stage started three years earlier (1991). We have 3 campuses today, including Shoufeng (1991), Meilun (1947) in Hualien and CheCheng, Ping Tung (2004 – 2005). Shoufeng campus is the largest, most lively and the most scenic one. No offense to other students, who are currently living in other campuses. He He. Our school is almost 23 years old and as you can see we are very young and energetic like wild dance! You will find campus life very interesting and extremely entertaining (of course, never forget about academics ) 

Shoufeng campus map (picture I’ve taken with my phone, so sorry about the bad quality)


NDHU_handbook_final-EN_0921_2 ( link to pretty and much clear map of Shoufeng campus)


  1. Bicycle and bicycle lock ( or scooter, bike, car maybe airplane f you can afford it 😛 )
  2. Umbrella and raincoat 
  3. Water bottle or liquid container 
  4. ARC (alien resident card) 
  5. Bank account
  6. NHI (national health insurance) 
  7. Work permit (if you’d like to earn extra cash by working at campus or elsewhere) 
  8. Basic Communication skill in Chinese ( Ni hao?, wo shi wai guo ren…etc)
  9. Phone number! 
  10. Basic necessities (if you are living in a dorm, there are few things you need to get before anything else)
  11. Aaaand last but not least, US! (not USA, I meant us, our blog ) 

P.S We will discuss every details of the things I mentioned above in later posts, one at a time.

P.S 2. Be aware since we are also students, who are willing to help those who asks for it, there might be some things that you don’t approve of or you think it’s not true (maybe because you are more experienced student), you are welcome to contact us and maybe correct us…BUT we don’t accept any unreasonable and invalid arguments.


We’re the luckiest students alive , just because I said so 😛 





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