What do we usually eat here?

Hello, this is Alice again.

Taiwan is famous for having a 美食 culture. People love eating so there are so many concepts to discover in their daily life eating style from the breakfast to 宵夜 xiao ye(night snack or night food). Usually meals with meat (such as grilled pork or fish, fried chicken etc) are with vegetables(at least 3 kinds) and rice. It’s called 點餐(dian can). Below i’ll show you some examples of this dian can.

The food culture in Taiwan is definitely tremendous, so i’ll just try to give you some basic concepts about food here. I’m still learning the new facts (since i came here-last year, september- i studied a lot about food and menu…so sometimes i know better than the local people about where can i find this or that food. But still there are lots to discover!) from my roommate from ping tung. Every night we’re talking about food and snacks.

滷味 lu wei

People eat it usually at nights – you’ll pick vegetables or some others then those will be kind of.. simmered? a bit fried? (but it’s not fried…umm…just try it!) with the sauce called “lu”. well i haven’t eat this for a long time – i missed broccolli & noodles & tofu lu wei!

蔥抓餅 cong zhua bing

I think in English people can call it chinese pizza – cause korea also has similar one and we also call it korean style pizza.

Inside normally they’ll put some egg and vegetables..also the sauce. It’s in breakfast store (is really popular. but we think is too greasy and heavy for mornings) and street vendors(in the evening).  The picture with my hand is taken at…first day in taiwan, and i guess it may be the 水工蛋餅 shui gong dan bing – hand made dan bing. Cause it was much less greasier than cong zhua bing.

蛋餅 dan bing

yes, this is the symbol of taiwanese breakfast! we love this!

basically it has ‘egg’ inside the roll. you’ll have many options like corn, cheese, ham, vegetables, chicken, 署餅(fried potato cake?) etc.

i prefer the original one (yuanweidanbing 原味蛋餅)

also there are lots of sauces that you can put above.

悶雞飯(last one is pictured by my friend – jenny from taichung)

meal! this is ‘dian can’. and that chicken is really famous & popular one in zhixue. so normally you’ll fight for that chicken.

This restaurant’s name is Bao zu (飽足). They’re famous for the good food. I never got a stomachache from food here (i do have sensitive stomach…).

The chicken is simmered in…. sauce (i’m not so sure which sauce they’re using). At first, when we tried it, we thought that it’s too sweet and weird. Now? is one of the best food here. Whenever i feel like to nurture(!) myself i go there and take this chicken or 鯛魚。

These days, in zhixue, most of dian can’s prices are 75 NTD.

自助餐 Zhi zu can

Taiwanese style buffet restaurant! you’ll pick some vegetables, tofu, meat(will cost extra)…with rice(usually it’s 10ntd). Then you’ll pay with the amount you just put in your plate. We have this cafeteria near the new dorm and lake side.

I think the other universities are cheaper than our school – when i searched about school cafeteria, i found that even colleges in taipei have cheaper zhi zu can. But still, the food price in Taiwan ….amazingly beautiful.


xue sheng shi tang.

one of our favorite restaurants in zhixue. Usually we order the 豬排,蔥爆肉絲(cong bao rou si. the characters are maybe wrong..)

They have good vegetables, and egg pudding (really soft and no taste), dessert….

I usually order with sofia, so what we do is order one dian can (90ntd) and dan dian (just meat, 50ntd) then share. (also we add the rice which is free – normally all the restaurants will offer you a lot of rice without pay more.


shao long bao The one you have to try in hualien city.

This one is next to the famous one where has long line – you don’t have to wait in there. Both of them taste similar and actually the right one has more taste of meat.

Just try it.

可麗餅 ke li ng

Taiwanese crape. has sweet one and salty one (sweet – cream, chocolate, fruits…etc / salty – cheese, corn, ham ….)

芭樂 蘋果

guave and apple!

taiwan has those small apples! i never see them in korea !


he fan. sometimes they have this kind of food what i never get used to.


There are several good breakfast stores in zhixue – cafeteria ones are better in sandwich, cheap dan bing, and man tou.

Usually inside hamburger has some vegetables. you can choose whatever flavor you like. meat, cheese, etc….


one japanese restaurant near here. Usually it has taiwanese style ‘japanese ramen’ (sorry, i can’t admit that it’s ramen…..it’s still ramen but has taiwan taste QQ) and also these rice! it usually costs around 100. The one i ordered is katsudong (zhu fai gai fan) it tastes similar to the one i used to eat in korea but it has too less onion! but sill beautiful price!

薩其馬(sa qi ma, not so sure the chinese characters are right or wrong…sorry lazy to check)

this one is special one from my roommate (she’s from ping tung!) it has coffee-lemon taste (but these days they just put coffee i guess…so many ppl are still not used to the lemon with coffee QQ) was so so so good so….i took a picture when i lost more than half of it. haha!

本壽司 ben shou si

my favorite japanese restaurant in hualien so far! and if you’re ndhu student, this one is in perfect location. it’s in the center of the city!

those are around 100 ntd, which is beautiful again. They do cook well. Indeed.

This place has a wonderful ice cream – matcha green tea ice cream. it only costs 25 – one scoop. you should try it!

it was a perfect satisfaction (but i ate the ice cream in other day. after that kat su dong….i couldn’t eat anything. i was full until i get to the sleep haha)





drinks – bubble tea (is cheap!)


Taiwanese pudding is quite famous (esp in family mart or 7/11 one….cause it’s easy to find)

The above one is from IMEI, the brand which is most famous one in Taiwan. My roommate brought it from her hometown and letting me try (cause there’s no ‘imei’ market in hualien so what we can get is just some snacks).

oh, she said that it has egg, whipping cream and sugar…and one more i don’t remember. it just has 4 things inside, and the expiration date was quite short. (2 weeks?)it tastes really good……….i guess try every single snack of IMEI brand will be quite fun to do!


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