How is weather here?

Hi there! this is sofia (from Ecuador). Well this is my first post ever so I will try my best here but be patient with me maybe my frist post will be a bit boring! (I will try to make it interesting)

Let me tell you a bit of myself.  I’m in my second year of psychology in Dong Hwa university. That means this will be my second year in taiwan. I’ll be honest with you:  loving Taiwan is easier than what you can imagine. At least for me it has all you need: Nice people, good food (and cheap) and the landscape is just beautiful (specially in Hualien). So to be honest I’m happy I chose to be here. For a quite girl like me taiwan is a good place


Ocean vie from the south coast in Hualien. (this is what i mean wit amazing landscape)


we also beautiful mountains 🙂 (lake side view in a sunny day)


The purpose of writing this blog is just to let you know a little bit more of this place before you come. when I decided to come, I knew nothing about the school. I googled it and well I just learned how big our campus is (and indeed is huge). So I will start with what I find really important to know and that is you should be aware of taiwan’s weather! I’m serious if you google it sounds really nice. But well let me tell you taiwan nature has a really strong personality and is good that you know about it.

Do you like rain? you better do! it will be rainy the whole year! Of course during rainy season (may to june) you wont see the flour dry not even once. Taiwan is a really humid place and full of rain. I know that sounds ok, and it is. But Not matter where are you are from that amount of rain is hard to handle. so have in mind to bring things that go well with humidity and rain. I had a leather boots well there is a reason why I used past tense in there. Here you will learn how to deal with the fact that is not possible to feel clean and dry. Don’t worry about getting rain coat in your country or umbrella you can get good and cheap ones in here. You will find everything you need for rain here.


Things for rain are every where

Be sure that here you will learn how to drive a bicycle with umbrella! We all do it, and is not as dangerous at it sounds.

Do you like summer? I’m sure you love it! well have on mind that summer in taiwan is almost 6 months. And yup you are right! it is rainy and humid. Have you ever been in a sauna before? well summer here is like that. Is so hot, so humid that makes you wonder how would hell be? haha.  I think that for summer the key is to drink a lot of water and to protect your skin from sun burn. When i first here I was surprise to see girls using long sleeves t shirts when outside was 30c. Later I understood that actually that helps them to stay cooler.


Is hard to believe but we also have winter here. Winter in this Island can’t be cold I thought! well again I was wrong. It gets well cold. And if you come from a no winter country like me (We don’t have seasons in Ecuador) winter here will be really bad. Again it is humid so the cold gets into your bones. So be smart and bring something warm. The kind of winter cloths you need is the one that can dry fast, Nothing to thick.

Well because all year around is very humid you will always find all kind of things you can imagine to get rid of humidity (you don’t want to smell like humid)




So basically how that works is that you will put it where ever you want to get rid of humidity. Usually I use it in my closet (I hate humid clothes) and this will prevent  humidity. After a month you will have to trash it and get a new one. Sometimes it last less than one month. Still things stay humid. But it helps.

Well I will com back with more pictures! hope it was helpful!



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