“2067” Happy Birthday NDHU! 生日快樂國立東華大學!

Hello, dear reader! It is Victoria. If you are a NDHU student or a staff member, you must have seen these four digits around campus. Do you know what these four numbers stands for? The year 2067? That’s not exactly it. The number 20 indicates NDHU’s 20th anniversary. National Dong Hwa University was founded in July 1994, exactly twenty years ago. So what does 67 stand for? In 2008, National Dong Hwa University integrated with what was then known as National Hualien University of Education. This year, National Hualien University of Education is also celebrating its 67th anniversary. For this occasion, NDHU has organized many events. A part of this big celebration is “International Culture Week”.
Regardless of the busy days of midterms, everyone on campus was very excited about this whole week of celebration. The festive week started with the “International Cuisine Competition” night at the Lakeside restaurant of NDHU.
Busy correspondent and judge 😛
It was wonderful and very exciting to see all the different cuisines from various countries in one place. Anyone could clearly observe two common things on the guests’ faces. One was curiosity; the other was hunger.


Extremely fun, and delicious too

Imagine yourself standing in front of brightly-coloured, mouth-watering, and unique dishes from Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, and you will understand what I’m trying to describe. People were making new friends, listening to urban music and learning how to make Taiwanese rice cakes (Mochi) while inhaling everything in sight. In other words, everyone was extremely busy having fun.

Indonesian cuisine

Thailand cuisine

Malaysian cuisine (sorry for the bad quality)

Taiwanese Amis cuisine

Vietnamese fried ball

My friend was the first one taste Vietnamese dish

Indonesian chefs
Malaysian chefs – and my friend from Hungary cooking Malaysian food! Yay

Winners of the competition – team Indonesia

Can you guess where they are from by their outfit?

Ehehe, me eating and looking for exciting news to write

Belorusian apple pancakes – tastes like heaven, you can go to their restaurant in city and treat yourself, it is worth the effort

Unique seasoning of Indonesian meal
Traditional Amis dance



Lucky Judges ❤

The next event was a “Fun Fair” and it was located along the road next to the sports field. There were at least fifty or more tents and hundreds of local and international students. All those big red tents were full of participants who were cooking dishes, selling snacks, or playing games. People were giving and receiving free hugs and kisses, and students, who looked like they came straight out of anime, were dancing on the stage. The majority of the students were participating in athletic competitions, and the rest were cheering on their classmates and friends. One glance at the fair would definitely remind you of the busy life of a bee. It ran the whole morning and afternoon, but 5pm didn’t mark the end of the fun. Most of the students went back to their rooms and prepared for the “International Culture Night”, which was held in the student activity center.

Mmmm, my guilty pleasure 🙂

Look at that, who’s that? HEHE Sofy is having fun!

International culture night was extraordinarily wonderful. If you haven’t seen Mongolian or Indonesian traditional dance, or if you have never heard a Taiwanese bamboo orchestra before, this event was the perfect opportunity. The traditional clothes and dances of each country were very unique and entertaining to witness. The traditional Mongolian dance, with the dancers’ sharp and fast movements, was quite an exquisite sight to see. The Indonesian ceremonial wedding dance was sublimely elegant and their clothes were richly coloured. From the traditional to the urban, students performed their numbers with joy and enthusiasm. But don’t think for a moment that the audience was just sitting there and watching passively. They were playing games during the “exercise break” and the ones who lost the game went up on the stage and did their own impromptu performance. They know how to have fun, and luckily know how to study too.

Indonesian dance

Belly dance performance

Mongolian traditional dance

Taiwanese traditional music performance

Taiwanese traditional song

Beautiful vietnamese dance




190 This is me dancing, in the back 😛

It was one very memorable and fun week. Fortunately, the school is going to have this celebration next year, too. The most important thing we can observe from these activities is how we unite together as a NDHU student body, regardless of our race, gender and sexuality. The purpose of these events is not only to celebrate the school’s anniversary, but to let people bond. Students made new friends, learned from one another, and gave each other joy. They had an amazing time sharing their cultures. This way, they grow together as people and form meaningful bonds, which can lead to future companionship and international success.
Can International Culture be Developed by Friendship


Wish you all happy weekend!


Happy 10th of Oct ^.^

Yaay it’s my first official post! Happy Holidays!!!

Isn’t everyday of our life special? I think every single day is a challenge and chance to make your life better. But today is more special, it’s DOUBLE 10TH! I’m Victoria and sophomore student at NDHU. I’m majoring in Counseling and Clinical Psychology along with my pretty girls Sofia and Alice. (They are not that pretty, just kidding but I’ll post some photos later *evil laughter*) My Chinese level is 2, meaning I can speak chinese like 7year old kid. Hurraay!, I was like a toddler when I first came. SO DON’T WORRY IF YOU ARE JUST A BEGINNER, WE’RE IN A SAME BOAT!

Dear alien student of NDHU, whoever you might be, I’m greeting you with my utmost respect and hope you will find this humble post helpful to you. So, first things first, let me introduce our beautiful Dong Hwa University and its history briefly.

National Dong Hwa University was founded in July 1994 with the planning stage started three years earlier (1991). We have 3 campuses today, including Shoufeng (1991), Meilun (1947) in Hualien and CheCheng, Ping Tung (2004 – 2005). Shoufeng campus is the largest, most lively and the most scenic one. No offense to other students, who are currently living in other campuses. He He. Our school is almost 23 years old and as you can see we are very young and energetic like wild dance! You will find campus life very interesting and extremely entertaining (of course, never forget about academics ) 

Shoufeng campus map (picture I’ve taken with my phone, so sorry about the bad quality)


NDHU_handbook_final-EN_0921_2 ( link to pretty and much clear map of Shoufeng campus)


  1. Bicycle and bicycle lock ( or scooter, bike, car maybe airplane f you can afford it 😛 )
  2. Umbrella and raincoat 
  3. Water bottle or liquid container 
  4. ARC (alien resident card) 
  5. Bank account
  6. NHI (national health insurance) 
  7. Work permit (if you’d like to earn extra cash by working at campus or elsewhere) 
  8. Basic Communication skill in Chinese ( Ni hao?, wo shi wai guo ren…etc)
  9. Phone number! 
  10. Basic necessities (if you are living in a dorm, there are few things you need to get before anything else)
  11. Aaaand last but not least, US! (not USA, I meant us, our blog ) 

P.S We will discuss every details of the things I mentioned above in later posts, one at a time.

P.S 2. Be aware since we are also students, who are willing to help those who asks for it, there might be some things that you don’t approve of or you think it’s not true (maybe because you are more experienced student), you are welcome to contact us and maybe correct us…BUT we don’t accept any unreasonable and invalid arguments.


We’re the luckiest students alive , just because I said so 😛 




About the blog

Hi there, we’re the international students in NDHU (Hualien, Taiwan)

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Ok, who are we?

Basically, we’re all studying psychology(bachelor) in the second year.

Victoria –  She’s from Mongolia, so her mother language is Mongolian. I think her Russian is also good. She has a super positive energy. Well, she’ll introduce herself whenever she comes with her first post.

Sofia – from Ecuador, so spanish is her first language. She has a lot to talk about our dear school. Well, Sofy will also introduce herself in her first post.

Alice – Me! I’m from South Korea. I’m the only one who’s living in a dorm among the three of us. These days I’m trying to improve my Chinese.

The blog is for…

When we were looking for some useful information about ndhu, what we found was just ‘how the campus is this huge and beautiful’ by visitors. So for me, it was hard to imagine how the life will be in here.

The first day here, I couldn’t get any food cause by no bike, no idea about where can i find some food, and the near convenient store (Family mart and 7/11 are inside school, of course) was closed at that time. I was in the middle of NDHU. haha, I just want to say the environment here is quite different from anywhere else.

So for the new people or even students who are already here but have some language problem or lack of info problem, we’re going to write about what do we know, what do we think about here. You’ll be able to grab the hints of life in NDHU.

If you have any question, plz put a comment in any post.